Memorial to the German Members of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, Berlin-Friedrichshain

Idea Competition for the Annotation of the Monument

From 31 October to 3 December 2015, an idea competition was advertised by the department of culture and history of the district government office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg by order of the district council assembly, through which concepts for an annotation to the Memorial to the German Member of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War in Volkspark Friedrichshain could be submitted.

The goal of the competition was to find a concept for the annotation that respectfully and appropriately addressed the monument site, its artwork, and the secure area of the park.


The competition was implemented in the form of a non-open, single-stage, anonymous idea competition, according to the guidelines for design competitions in 2013 - supported by the senate chancellery/cultural matters/art in urban space.


In addition to representatives from the district, knowledgeable artists and historians as well as the lower monument authority were engaged as experts in the selection committee.

Charlotte Kaiser (designer/IT‘S ABOUT) was elected chair of the selection committee; other specialist judges selected were Robert Schmidt-Matt (artist) and Jochen Becker (artist/metroZones - Center for Urban Affairs). Jana Borkamp (member of the district council for finance, culture, and continuing education) and Dr. Kerstin Hommel (chair of KFSR - fighters and friends of the Spanish Republic 1936-1939 e.V.) served as public judges.


The following concepts were submitted:

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1001: Karina Schönthaler-Pospiech, 1002: BAR M (Fabian Hickethier), 1003: Angela Lubic, 1004: Benno Hinkes, 1005: Hubertus Gollnow

The selection committee gave the unanimous recommendation that plan 1004 by Benno Hinkes be implemented.